DesignXcetera is not your typical web design company. Most web designers today make sure you get a site that looks good from the outside without much thought to scalability, functionality, ease of use and most importantly, your goals for the site. We take a different approach.

We understand every site is done for a reason. Whether you are an author selling a book, a spa looking to increase clientel or a brand new member community, your site has goals you want to reach. We design sites based on those goals and give you the tools to measure your sites progress after it goes live.

With over 160 million sites on the net today, it becomes increasingly important to build a site that goes above and beyond just "looking cool".

Your experience with us starts with a free consultation. We help you make informed desicions about your design and development requirement now and down the road. We know that a website needs to cover all your needs today and be able to easily handle new needs that arise as you grow. We specialize in flexible and scalable solutions that are able to grow with your business.

Like other design companies we start with a cool look, but we never end there. We also focus on framework, content, navigation structure, scalability, maintainablility, search engine optimization and marketing readiness. Our sites are not just based on graphical bells and whistles. We create our sites designed to meet your goals today and flex to meet the needs of tommorrow.

Design :: Develop :: Market :: Support

Large or small. DesignXcetera will handle your web project from beginning to end. Cost effective, feature rich and yes, cool looking web sites are our business

Our services include

  • Web Design & Development
  • Traffic Generation, Marketing and Campaigns
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Video & Multimedia
  • Market Research & Competitor Analysis
  • Hosting Services
  • Maintanance & Suppost
  • plus many other services...

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